Client testimonial

Published by gcla

15 November 2017

About 6 years ago I contacted the law office GCLA Solicitors in great need of a good lawyer to represent me, my husband and his partner in a purchase of a vacation property in Marbella. Being that we were all foreigners to Spain, me American, my husband and his partner Dutch…we had no idea of many things.. so many questions..etc….. We could not have had better representation than our lawyer Rafael Garcia Caracuel….every question any problem ..we contacted and personally spoke or were promptly answered back in our email. Everything with our purchase went smooth and we could not all be happier enjoying beautiful Marbella on our visits to Spain with our families. I must conclude over the years the law office of GCLA and our lawyer developed a friendship and a trust that will last a lifetime…


Joyelle Abulone Knoppert  Jaco Knoppert  and Aad Van Ast

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